**Please note: All volunteers must first complete the online application. When you go in to volunteer for the first time, bring a valid driver's license, passport, or other identification and check in with the front office.

      The Westpark PTA is a non-profit volunteer-powered organization. All the activities and programs we support are accomplished with the help of parents, teachers, and community members. This being said, we would love your help!

  • Westpark’s PTA sponsors amazing educational programs and school events throughout the year.

  • Questions? Email the Westpark PTA Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@ptawestpark.com

      Below is a listing of volunteering opportunities and what they entail. Each program is led by a chairperson(s) and committee, depending on the complexity of the program and the chairperson’s leadership style. Each chair should communicate with the President about the allocated budget and plans for the program. The chair can also contact the VolunteerCoordinatorfor a list of volunteers that can help. The PTA executive board will always support the chairperson to make every PTA-related program a successful one!

(Volunteer Opportunities listed in alphabetical order.)

100 Mile Club
The chairperson and volunteers will:

  • publicize the program
  • register participants
  • stand at the track during the designated Club times
  • track the participating students’ laps/miles
  • distribute awards at school assemblies as students reach mileage goals
  • work with Volunteer Coordinator to find parent volunteers to help stand at the track

6th Grade Promotion
Fifth and sixth grade parents will:

  • help set up and clean up for 6th grade promotion and the 6th grade pool party at the end of the school year
  • the committee will receive guidance from the 6th grade teachers.

ACE Program

  • work with the IPSF ACE Coordinator, Principal, and front office staff to determine:
    • session dates and duration (5-6 weeks)
    • classes
    • space available to host each of the classes for each of the 4 ACE sessions.
  • work with IPSF-ACE approved contractors to check availability and determine the class schedule for each session
  • approve and distribute flyers (provided by IPSF) to student population
  • manage/update the Westpark ACE Website each session with the current class schedule
  • communicate (through email) with the front office, Rainbow Rising, enrolled students, and contractors regarding class information (timing, location, cancellations, etc)
  • find class monitors (parent volunteers) to help with each class

Timing: year-round, bulk of the work is prior to and at the beginning of each session. Approx 5-10 hours each session.

  • Perks: discounts for own child's class enrollment and you get the pick the classes.

Apex Fun Run  

  • work with the APEX team to schedule the kick off rally
  • schedule classroom visits with the teachers
  • volunteer at the Fun Run
  • help with accounting for all the donations after the run
  • work with Volunteer Coordinator to get volunteers for the event

Astounding Inventions

  • The Astounding Inventions Competition (https://foundation.ivc.edu/ai) is an annual fair highlighting handmade inventions by K-8 students from the Irvine and Tustin unified school districts.The competition is hosted by Irvine Valley College in January.
  • publicize the event, judge any entries, promote winning entries to the next level, and recognize the participants
  • chair(s) may collaborate with the science teacher on this event

Astronomy Night

  • Westpark families are invited to campus to engage in astronomy activities, including star gazing.
  • chair can work with the science teacher to schedule volunteers from local astronomy groups at the collegiate and high school levels to lead children's activities and coordinate the use of high-powered telescopes for the attendees.

Book Fair

  • work with the librarian to arrange for and publicize the quarterly (3) book fairs
  • set up and clean up
  • work with the Volunteer Coordinator and Room Parent Coordinator to arrange for volunteers to work the event during the school day and during any coinciding evening events (i.e., movie night, open house)
  • conduct any necessary accounting associated with the event

Box Tops

  • publicize this fundraising effort via social media, flyers, teachers, and room parents
  • collect the box tops from each classroom, prepare box tops for submission, and submit
  • work with the Volunteer Coordinator to arrange for volunteers to help
  • identify the contest winners by coordinating prizes or certificates for winning classes/individuals

Concession Stand

  • purchase affordable snacks, treats, and beverages for sale at the movie night, talent show, and school musical events (which will be reimbursed by the PTA)
  • work with the Volunteer Coordinator to get help to sell the items at each event


  • organize, edit, and format a school-wide database of contact information to be published (and password-protected) on the PTA website
  • distribute and track consent forms
  • distribute the directory password to PTA members
  • maintain the database for accuracy

External Events

  • schedule off-campus events Westpark families can attend. They can include, but are not limited to, movies and professional baseball, hockey, and soccer games.
  • typically these events provide funds back to the PTA based on ticket sales
  • chair's responsibility to communicate with the group or organization hosting the event (e.g., Los Angeles Angels) and publicize the event.

Family Lunch

  • publicize via social media, chalkboards, poster, flyers, etc. the dates and times of the family lunch
  • inform the teachers so they can participate if they want
  • arrange for the Westpark (and any additional) E-Z UPS to be available for use
  • potential to arrange for food vendors at future family lunch sessions.

Guys’ Night (5th and 6th)

  • organize the event
  • arrange for an IUSD approved speaker
  • generate donations for invitations
  • work at event
  • arrange for food
  • set up and clean up
  • a 5th grade dad will be needed to MC the event (i.e., introduce the speaker, facilitate the game)

IPSF Ambassador

  • provides support to IPSF in a variety of ways and acts as a conduit of information to the Westpark PTA
  • provides community input to IPSF
  • attends quarterly meetings with IPSF and reports to the PTA board.

Kids Run the OC (1-6)

  • attend KROC weekly practices
  • assist chairperson to manage and train the participating students

Program begins in January and ends in April.

Ladies' Tea (4th and 5th)

  • help generate donations
  • publicize
  • set up and clean up
  • 4th grade parents who will take part in organizing for the following school year

Movie Night

  • arrange for licensing for the film
  • schedule the screen delivery and pick up
  • publicize the event
  • set up and clean up
  • coordinate with concessions team to provide various concessions for that evening

Open House Art Auction

  • prepare and distribute donation envelopes for each student’s teacher before Open House
  • prepare and distribute directions to the teachers about how the Art Auction works
  • publicize the Art Auction concept to parents via the Principal, Room Parent Coordinator emails, flyer, etc.
  • conduct any associated accounting from donations after the event

Photo Day

  • work with school administrator to prepare a picture day schedule by teacher for spring and fall picture days
  • work closely with vendor and teachers on picture days to ensure that the classes are transitioned properly
  • contact Volunteer Coordinator to generate help to transition students from classrooms to the MPR
  • time commitment: 10-12 hours

Popsicle Stand

  • purchase popsicles to be sold after school every day
    •  You will be reimbursed by the PTA.
  • man the popsicle cart after school
  • Please sign up to help here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080848AEA923A1FE3-popsicle3​

Red Ribbon Week

  • determine the daily activities and publicize the event via flyer, room parent, social media, chalkboards, poster, etc.
  • coordinate decoration of school in support of the event
  • coordinate the Pennies for Prevention drive where pennies are collected by each classroom during the week and then taken to the Irvine Police Department for weighing at the end of the week


  • communicate with the IUSD Council PTA Reflections chair to learn about running Reflections at the school
  • publicize the event/effort at Westpark
  • collect the students’ submissions, vet the submissions, and then submit to the district
  • keep participants and school aware of where their submission is in the Reflections process
  • ensure submissions are returned to the students

Room Parent
Please see the Volunteer -
Room Parentspage.

SchoolKidz School Supplies

  • finalize the sales timeline with SchoolKidz in January
  • sales session is typically done the 4 weeks before spring break; ends the week before spring break
  • email each grade the supply list for updating, then make any changes to the supplies on the SchoolKidz website
  • after approving order form proofs, have the principal email about the sale the week before it begins, and then again each following week until the deadline
  • distribute flyers from SchoolKidz via the conduits
  • complete online registration regarding delivery information
  • day before school – reconcile kits with database of orders (downloaded from the website) and deliver the boxes to the classrooms, so they’re ready for the first day of school
  • Please note: If Kindergarten Roundup in March fits into the sales schedule, it’s important to show up to the event and tell new parents about the program.

Spirit of Giving

Spirit Wear

  • if the logo is changing – work with the PTA Executive Board and Principal to determine logo, merchandise (styles and color), and pricing for the upcoming school year
  • work with the PTA to distribute order forms at the beginning of the year and publicize the online sales system
  • keep a record of all incoming orders and money
  • track and distribute orders to school population
  • conduct any associated accounting not directly conducted online
  • be available to sell spirit wear at some school events, such as Worlds of Westpark
  • order any additional merchandise, when needed, and upon approval of the PTA executive board
  • if we are changing vendors – contact vendors for the best pricing and options available to our school
  • Timing: July-September, roughly 20 total hours of work. Not continuous. Bulk of time needed to count the orders, money, and distribute the merchandise once it arrives.

Square 1 Art

  • work with company to get the correct art paper for each student
  • coordinate with the art specialist or teacher to conduct an art project during an assisted lesson
  • organize and submit the final art and send to Square 1 Art
  • publicize the sales of related products by distributing flyers sent by Square 1 and communicating with parents via the principal
  • distribute the completed items to those students who placed orders

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

  • come up with an overall theme for the week
  • within the budget, work with a committee to plan the decorations, flyer, daily PTA events, and daily student “gift” events
  • publicize the various student activities to be completed each day of Teacher Appreciation Week via a flyer and room parents
  • come up with a basic door decorating idea for all room parents to employ at a “bare minimum,” but encourage them to do more at the spring room parent meeting
  • set up a Sign-Up Genius to collect donations from families for food, gift cards, etc.
  • general set up and clean up

Volunteer Coordinator

  • maintain a database of parent emails to request volunteers based on the flyer sent home at the beginning of the year
  • communicate with committee chairs to give them volunteer databases
  • generate volunteers by communicating with local agencies (i.e., Assistance League of Irvine, Woodbridge High School Counseling Services, City of Irvine High School Youth Action Team, UC Irvine Service Fraternities) for some PTA events (such as, Worlds of Westpark, PTA General Association Meetings, Movie Night)
  • create nametags and ensure volunteer aprons are distributed
  • arrange for appreciation emails to be sent after the event
  • ensure any volunteer hour forms are signed after the event

Walk to School Day

  • coordinate donors/sponsors
  • publicize the event
  • coordinate day-of activities

Welcome Back Picnic
Prior to the end of the previous school year:

  • work within the budget to schedule activities for the evening
  • communicate with the food vendor chair to set up food options for the evening
  • communicate with the front office to schedule arrival of any entertainment (i.e., inflatables) and food trucks
  • publicize the event with the principal and using the chalkboards, social media, posters, flyers, etc.
  • ensure there is proper clean up after the event.

Worlds of Westpark Carnival
You will put together a team to make this event a success! It is critical to do this with a team of volunteers, each in charge of one aspect of the carnival.
Preparation responsibilities include

  • acquiring donated goods and gift cards
  • working with outside vendors and organizations to prepare activities
  • working with performers to coordinate their performances
  • coordinating food trucks and local food vendors to sell at the event
  • publicizing the event to Westpark and general public
  •  coordinating/overseeing wristband presales and collection of participant waivers
  •  accounting of proceeds, payment of vendors, publicity, etc.

Day-of responsibilities include:

  • setting up and cleaning up
  • running booths, as necessary
  • decorating
  • making sure events run on schedule


  • work with yearbook chairperson in any way needed to make the yearbook a success, which may include:
    • helping with formatting/proofreading
    • tracking payment
    • yearbook distribution
    • seeking sponsors